Christian Literature

In the heart of Vilvoorde, not far from our shop, is the statue of William Tyndale, an English theologian. He translated the Bible into English, but was arrested and detained in the castle of Vilvoorde in 1535. At this place is now located the Tuchthuis. The statue is a reminder of his martyr’s death on the pillar

His wish was that everyone would be able to read the Bible in his own language.

It is also our wish that everybody can read and understand the Bible. Therefore, we sell Bibles in many different languages. If your language is not included in our offer, we will help you find the language you need.

Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Lingala and more are usually in stock. But also Hindi, Russian or Swahili are available.

We have also printed a CityBible with the statue of William Tyndale in Vilvoorde on the cover. These we can offer you free of charge in Dutch and French.

Other City Bibles that we have available and that we can offer for free are in English, Spanish and Arabic

Feel free to visit our store. We are happy to assist you.