Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization based in Vilvoorde. As friends we have joined forces to support our fellow human beings. We try to be a helping hand and a listening ear to our environment and have an eye for the needs of others.

In our store we try to offer quality for every taste.

We want to offer articles at affordable prices to reach a wide public.

How can you help?

You can give a new life to the clothing you no longer want to wear by donating it to our organization. We also welcome toys, kitchenware, textiles, etc.

You help to reduce waste by choosing this form of recycling and hence you contribute to our organization.

All articles in our store are donated by sympathizers. We do not resale.

What do we have to offer in our store?

Our assortment is very extensive and varied. Our stock is renewed on a regular basis. So come and see what we have for available you.

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Food Distribution

Every month our team is ready to distribute packages to the less fortunate. To reach the right people, we work together with the OCMW. Because of the donations from sympathetic companies, we can always offer a varied package.


Christian Literature

In the heart of Vilvoorde, not far from our shop, is the statue of William Tyndale, an English theologian. He translated the Bible into English, but was arrested and detained in the castle of Vilvoorde in 1535. At this place is now located the Tuchthuis. The statue is a reminder of his martyr’s death on the pillar.

His wish was that everyone would be able to read the Bible in his own language.

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Address of our shop

(Hoop - Hope)

Guldenschaapstraat 14
1800 Vilvoorde

Address vzw De Regenboog

Guldenschaapstraat 30
1800 Vilvoorde




Opening hours of our shop

(Hoop - Hope)

wednesday...........9u – 13u
saturday..............9u – 13u


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